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Fiat Blaupunkt Radio Code.

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Blaupunkt is a very common stereo manufacturer. and makes most Fiat car radios

Look on the rear or side of your blaupunkt radio to see your serial number.

Please make sure you understand the instructions below before purchasing:

The Fiat blaupunkt is unlocked using 10 digits from the radio as follows:


Serial number BPX754X1934286

The first three numbers "754" are found in the model number of the radio

First find the paper label on the right hand side of the radio

All Blaupunkts have a part number starting with a number like 7 643

Followed by further numbers like 754 010 (7643 754 010)

Make a note of the Serial and model number (as above)

The radio also has its serial number printed on a label and engraved into the chassis of the radio.

fiat blaupunkt serial

The serial number may also look like this: BP7754Y1682854.

You will notice that three numbers ( 754) from the model are also found just in front of the letter Y in the middle of the serial number. NOTE: This letter may be different on each radio.

Now you have all 10 digits and Once you are happy you have identifies the serial and model number you are able to order a code below

For Vauxhall/Opel Model sc202 (c)

Example model number: 7 641 850 620 with an example serial number GM1202N4825428 engraved into the chassis of the radio on the right hand side enter the numbers 850 from the model number example above followed by the seven digits after the letter N from the serial number so the number will look like: 8504825428, You need to enter the serial and model number in the order form below


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I received the code fast and works a treat cheapest I found on the web very happy with service. Hi, both radios sorted. Thanks for the quick response. Will definitely keep you inning for any other time I may need help with codes. Regards


More on Blaupunkt:
History (wiki):

Founded in 1923 in Berlin as "Ideal", the company was acquired by Robert Bosch AG in 1933.[2] In 1938 it changed its name to "Blaupunkt", German for "blue point" or "blue dot", after the blue dot painted onto its headphones that had passed quality control.

After the Second World War, Blaupunkt moved its headquarters and production to the city of Hildesheim. More recently, the majority of Blaupunkt products are manufactured overseas, with large manufacturing centres in Tunisia (speakers) and Malaysia (speakers and electronics). Since 2011 however, the entire lineup is Chinese sourced.

By the 1960 and 1970s, Blaupunkt had become one of the leading German manufacturer for car radios and car audio equipment.

The 2011 take-over effectively left Blaupunkt as a managed brand name with all production outsourced to China, with virtually no 'Bosch era' products still under production. The original Blaupunkt factories within the EU are now owned and operated by Bosch, used exclusively to produce 24V AV equipment for coaches and the like, with products simply branded as 'Bosch' rather than Blaupunkt, and 12V OEM production for automotive manufacturers such as Opel.

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